Saturday, February 12, 2011

Going Home

It's only 4 weeks or so into the semester and it seems to be going by so slowly! It's been hard being away from my parents and brother-especially knowing that mom's been having surgeries and dad was getting sick. Talking to them can only do so much. It's funny though...being home isn't what I thought it was going to be. I did get to see my mom-everyday this weekend, yet she's been so distant. She wouldn't let me hug her yesterday or today and seemed more excited to see Gibbs-our dog today than she was to see me. I know it's not like that and it's something satan's using to try and bring me down... I'm trying soooo hard not to let it affect me.

It's late- and I'm really fighting this. Feeling alone. And a young girl from the youth group I work with asked me about demons. She told me how satan's really been after her. There has been demons in her room, scaring her. She grabs her bible, blasts Chris Tomlin's music and prays and commands them away. It frightens her! And who can blame her! But one thing I found myself talking to her- this is how it went down :P

" Me:we all go though this- in some way shape or form.
just think- satan's WORRIED BECAUSE we're STRONG in our faith and CLOSE to God.
isn't that an awesome thought
Yeah, but I kinda wish he'd over looked me :\ I know it's horrible, because we're supposed to love being tested, take joy in it. I've always had such strong faith nothing's shook me that much, but this is so unlike anything. This isn't worldly...
Me:don't you see?! God's using YOU in increadable ways!! when satan went up to heaven, you found favor in God's eyes- read Job 1:6-12. and replace Job's name with your own.
You found favor in God's eyes. Just because we're called to take joy in our sufferings, that doesn't mean we have to be happy. there's a difference!
I honestly don't think Paul was smiling when he was beaten and stoned for his faith. but he rested in God during those trials."
It took a while for those word- the ones just said to sink in in my mind. We ALL go through tough times, but the thing is, those will only draw us closer to Christ. AND "God won't bring you to it, if His Spirit won't lead you though it." We have fond favor in God's eyes- and we've brought God glory in a way that makes satan nervous. Talk about AWESOME!

Take heart- for GOD has overcome the world!!!

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